Free nextnano tools

We offer a number of our tools which can be run without registering and without license.

The nextnano++ package — free edition

2023-08-01 — stable for Windows

The Free nextnano++ package is a limited version of the standard product (see the table in the product overview ).

Included Tools


nextnanomat GUI

nextnano++ (free edition)

(1.17.11 - 2023.051701) Jul 27 2023

nextnano³ (free edition)


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The nextnanomat GUI

See the table in the product overview for description of the tool.

2024-03-28 — beta for Windows

Included Tools



The nextnanopy package

The nextnanopy Python package is developed for nextnano++, nextnano³, and nextnano.NEGF tools to automate simulations and analysis of the results.

More details about the package and instruction of installation can be found here.