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Front End & Workflow Manager

nextnanomat is a GUI for editing input files (ASCII, XML), organizing simulations and submitting jobs (directly or via a batch list), as well as visualizing, post-processing or exporting simulation results. Parallel job execution is supported on multi-core CPUs automatically.

Overview and Download



nextnanomat is customized to work with the following software:

  • nextnano³
  • nextnano++
  • nextnano.MSB
  • nextnano.QCL

However, it is general enough to be adjusted to any TCAD or scientific software that reads in an ASCII file, passes this ASCII file to an executable, and visualizes its 1D, 2D and 3D results.


Detailed Information

nextnanomat can be used as a visualization software for 1D, 2D and 3D results (e.g. somewhat “similar” (but much simpler) than Origin, Gnuplot, Compaq Array Viewer, Intel Array Viewer). The focus lies on quick visualization rather than on professional editing of graphs.

Visualization features:

  • 1D data: x, fi(x)
  • 2D data: AVS/Express and VTK format, Aij format
  • 3D data: AVS/Express and VTK format (i.e. 2D slices through 3D data)
  • 1D slices through 2D data (incl. export)

Export of Visualization

  • Slices (*.vtr, *.png, *.dat)
  • Pictures (*.png)
  • Gnuplot
    • 1D (including overlay)
    • 2D colormap,
    • pseudo-3D/surface plot (color, mesh, colored mesh)
  • Vector (*.pdf, *.svg) (intermediate step over Gnuplot necessary)


Sweep of variables

Instead of creating tons of input files manually, you can specify the variable to sweep and create the input files automatically.


There are many output files after a variable sweep. To visualize the changes of one output parameter in respect to the swept variable, it could be useful to use the post-processing-feature of nextnanomat.

Feature requests

Please submit feature requests to

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