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Documentation of the nextnano.MSB software

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This website describes the nextnano.MSB software, an NEGF quantum transport code based on the MSB method.

The nextnano.MSB software has been developed to simulate quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) and resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs).
The software calculates current-voltage characteristics and gain.

This software is based on a novel quantum transport method that follows the nonequilibrium Green's function (NEGF) framework but sidesteps any self-consistent calculation of lesser self-energies by replacing them by a quasi-equilibrium expression.
This method generalizes the so-called Büttiker probe model but takes into account all relevant individual scattering mechanisms.
It is orders of magnitude more efficient than a fully self-consistent nonequilibrium Green's function calculation for realistic devices, yet accurately reproduces the results of the latter method.
This method opens the path towards realistic three-dimensional quantum transport calculations.

MSB is the acronym of the multi-scattering Büttiker probe model.

The code can be executed using the nextnanomat software. The results of the calculation can be visualized using nextnanomat software.


Which scattering mechanisms are included?

  • longitudinal polar-optical phonon scattering (polar LO phonon scattering)
  • acoustic phonon scattering which includes some kind of interface roughness scattering. The latter is intrinsically included.


How do I execute nextnano.MSB from the command line?

nextnano.MSB.exe -inputfile ..\my_QCL_input_file.xml  -license "H:\My Documents\nextnano.MSB\License\license.xml"  -database Materials.xml  -outputdirectory ..\..\output\QCL

(Instead of the flag -inputfile one can also use -f.)
(Instead of the flag -database  one can also use -d or -m.)
For debug purposes, an additional flag  -debug 1 can be used.

Additionally, one can use nextnanomat to pass arguments to the executable, e.g. a customized material database file.
Within nextnanomat: Use Tools ==> Options ==> Expert settings ==> Command line: -database "E:\nextnano.MSB\Materials_no_Varshni.xml"


How do I obtain a license file for the nextnano.MSB code?

Please contact support [at]


How much does a 1-year license cost?

Please contact support [at] for details.


Where can I find the documentation?


Are there any tutorial input files available?

  • Yes, there are. They are documented here: Tutorials


Where can I find some background on the implemented physics?

The MSB method is decribed in the following publications.


Copyright information

The nextnano.MSB software has been developed by Peter Greck in 2013-2016. It is written in C++.
The nextnano.MSB software is distributed by the nextnano GmbH.