Simulating building blocks of a quantum computer


A quantum computer uses qubits rather than bits to store and process information.
More information: Quantum computer

Possible applications are quantum dots (QDs) as single-photon sources for quantum information processing or coupled QDs as solid state qubits for information storage (quantum computing)


Qubit manipulation
  • QD molecule
    A quantum dot molecule is one possible approach to form a qubit.
    An applied electric field can be used to switch between the states, e.g. direct vs. indirect exciton.
  • Coupled quantum wires
    One-dimensional electron transport in combination with wavefunction engineering has been proposed for the use in solid state quantum information processing. An example of such a system is studied in this tutorial:
    Vertically coupled quantum wires in a longitudinal magnetic field

Quantum dot molecule

Quantum dot molecule

Quantum dot molecule

What you can learn:
  • 3D simulation, quantum dot, applying an electric field, performing an electric field sweep
  • Schrödinger equation in 3D