nextnano.NEGF_classic — release notes


  1. Units in LO-phonon scattering rates have been fixed.

  2. Now the license nnNEGF.lic is supported.


  1. The in-plane nonparabolicity model introduced in the previous update has been fixed.

  1. The LO-phonon scattering rate output has been fixed.


  1. Linear alloy grading is now possible:

<Layer> <!-- all the material parameters will be linearily interpolated between the <Material1> and the <Material2> -->
    <Thickness unit="nm">5.0</Thickness>

2. The in-plane nonparabolicity for multiband models can be activated with the command <InPlaneNonParabolicity>yes</InPlaneNonParabolicity> inside the block <Materials>...<Materials>.

  1. In the 2- and 3-band models, nonparabolicity coefficient can be used as in input material parameter. If specified, it will be used to overwrite the k.p parameters.

        <NonParabolicity Unit="cm^2">1.5e-14</NonParabolicity>

4. The individual scattering rates of LO-phonon, alloy disorder and interface roughness can be output.