2.7. Simulation Output

Here, we will add soon more information on the content of the output file names.

For each simulation run, a new output folder is created in the simulation output folder. The created folder has the name of the input file. In addition date-time is added to the folder name if the option is selected in Options->Expert settings of nextnanomat (this option is recommended in order to avoid overwritten existing output data). The created output folder contains:

  • the input file (.in).

  • a folder ‘’ which gives material parameters used in the calculation.

  • a folder (only if the strain option is activated).

  • Several files related to the sweep made. For a voltage sweep, it contains ….

  • a log file is created at the end of the simulation, containing all the information displayed during the simulation.

2.7.1. Error handling with log file

ERROR: erroneous format of file

If the following error occurs in your log file

00:00:00 Start importing files.
00:00:00 ERROR: erroneous format of file 'C:\...\imported_file.dat'
00:00:00 (nodes number of coordinate 1) !=
00:00:00 (lines number in file)
00:00:00 1001 != 1003
00:00:00 Terminating program !!

It means that you have defined values at some grid points twice inside the imported file. It this case The message says that there are 1001 nodes defined in the file but there is 1003 lines. Most likely, it means that two points are defined twice, or one point is defined three times.

Solution: Review your imported file for duplicated definitions. Each coordinate should appear only once.