nextnano simulation does not start

Possible error sources

If a nextnano simulation will not start, possible error sources could be

  • the license

  • the path to the nextnano executable

  • the path to the output directory

  • the path to the material database

  • the path or syntax of the input file

So first check the nextnanomat settings (‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’) for

  1. ‘Simulation’

  2. ‘Material database’

  3. ‘Licenses’

  4. ‘View/Output’

Additionally, verify if your input file does exist and is not located on a shared drive. For help on the input file syntax, go to the product specific syntax documentation for either nextnano³, nextnano++, nextnano.NEGF or nextnano.MSB.

Files to be included in support request

If you are unable to solve the error on your own, please provide the following files for your support request:

  1. System snapshot for trouble shooting

  2. Screenshot of error message, if there is any

  3. Simulation log file, if there is any, including additional debug comments

  4. Simulation input file

Have a look at Preparing Support Request if you do not know how generate/find these files.