5.2. Command line arguments

NOTE: nextnano.MSB has been integrated into the nextnano++ executable (since 2021-08).

Below is the old documentation for stand-alone MSB executable.

Command line usage:

nextnano.MSB.exe  -inputfile ..\my_QCL_input_file.xml  -license "H:\My Documents\nextnano.MSB\License\license.xml"  -database Materials.xml  -outputdirectory ..\..\output\QCL

nextnano.MSB provides the following options:

-f input_file, -inputfile input_file

Name of input file to be read in.


  • -inputfile THz_GaAs_QCL.in

-d database_file, -database database_file

Name of material parameter database file to be read in (-m also works).


  • -database "E:\nextnano.MSB\Materials_no_Varshni.xml"

-license license_file

Name of license file to be read in.


  • -license License_nnMSB.lic

-output_directory output_directory

Directory name where to output results.


  • -outputdirectory "D:\nextnano\nextnano output\""

-debug 1

Generate additional debug information.