nextnanomat — release notes (2024-03-28)

New features
  • Added option to kill whole process tree instead of process when stopping a simulation

  • Added support of new nextnanoLicenseActivator executable (former ClientSideActivtor and ClientSideServerActivation are no longer needed)

  • Editor tab: support of “!Data” syntax for nextnano++

  • Editor tab: Feature ‘Create new input file by template’ is implemented for nextnano++ input files

  • Output tab: option to display Log(abs(y))

Updates & Improvements
  • Improved layout for license activation message feed

  • Input file conversion for nextnano³ -> nextnano++ is now a standalone executable, can be called by command line

  • Output tab: small viusalization changes, e.g. fonts

  • Change of default performance settings

  • Input tab, more accurate naming for context menu functions

  • Improved folder structure for installation and portable packages

  • Improve selection of matching database for different nextnano packages

  • Compatibility fix for new license check

  • Cluster computing feature for nextnano.NEGF simulations

  • HTCondor, change default OS target for cluster computing

  • Update existing jobs in Batch List after license changes

Remaining known Bugs
  • In installed versions running a simulation reverts Windows App Scaling back to 100% (2023-08-07)

New features
  • Added specific licenses for nextnano³ and evaluation

  • Added support for free licenses

  • Distinguish license types, display type during simulations and in settings

  • Added nextnano documentation (pdf) to installed package

  • Editor tab: added html keywordtree for nextnano++ to help with input file syntax

  • Editor tab: convert xml input files to negf input files (for nextnano.MSB and nextnano.NEGF)

  • Editor tab: added html keyword trees for all products to help with input file syntax

  • Settings: verify licenses directly within settings

  • Settings: added preview possibility for Editor and Output settings

  • Settings: added support for two nextnano.NEGF tool versions (C# & C++)

  • Output tab: added “local” and “global” full-size differentiation

Updates & Improvements
  • Editor tab: updating links to online documentation for context help menu

  • Editor tab: converted input file (nextnano³ to nextnano++) is opened in new tab

  • Simulation tab: update queued simulations after change in settings

  • Settings: functionality to disable syntax highlighting

  • Settings: restructured Options Form

  • Settings: added customizable tolerance for comparison of constant values (expert features)

  • Output tab: autosize for pointer labels

  • Output tab: changed numeric format for pointer labels

  • Output tab: button position of full-size button

  • Output tab: performance improvement in 1D output visualization during curve(s) selection

  • Output tab: separate, re-order and re-name check/select buttons

  • Output tab: improved spacing between data visualization and diagram axis

  • Output tab: advanced python and ParaView export routines

  • Event handling, custom export function

  • License activation prompt, appearing at every program start

  • Editor tab: syntax highlighting for conditional statements

  • Editor tab: input file conversion: added error handling for files located in program files

  • Editor tab: Warning message for deprecated syntax “#IF to !WHEN”

  • Simulation tab: running a cloud nextnano.NEGF simulation does no longer change the input file extension

  • Simulation tab: command line arguments for starting nextnano.NEGF simulations

  • Simulation tab: fix performance issues for simulating a batch of jobs

  • Settings: display of Pool names for HTCondor

  • Settings: opening cloud options form

  • Output tab: color scale initialization

  • Output tab: adjust reference of message box to new menu location of export feature

  • Output tab: visualization of txt licenses

  • Support free licenses to be located in program files

Remaining known Bugs
  • In installed versions running a simulation reverts Windows App Scaling back to 100% (2022-08-05)

New features
  • standard selection of color maps for 2D and 3D

  • feature to customize color maps

  • couple of features related to color maps (e.g. invert scale, fix middle color etc. -> refer to online documentation)

  • syntax support for new input file format *.negf

  • customizable syntax highlighting

  • support for new NEGF licenses

  • feature to run batch list automatically when new files are added

  • added accessibility evaluation and statement for the nextnano software

  • allow integration for tiberCAD input files and output

  • output, show value difference for two selected curves

Updates & Improvements
  • 1D Export to Gnuplot of overlay items includes currently displayed file

  • add or remove items to overlay list by keyboard only

  • improved syntax highlighting

  • options to specify whether and how output should be overwritten

  • set online help references to the new nextnano GmbH documentation

  • prevent crash at application start due to color-map initialization

  • prevent application crash due to IPv6 IP addresses

  • modified file star

  • prevent duplicate opening of the same input file

  • increase functionality and stability of Template(Beta) tab

Remaining known Bugs
  • input file shows in simulation tab during CPU heavy simulations

Input files
  • quite a few new ones (check them out in the sample files folder)


  • New colormaps

  • Arrow showing difference value between two selected graphs

  • HTCondor support for mixed Linux/Windows pool