structure{ region{ integrate{ } } }


spatial integration of profiles in the region.


integrate{                                # spatial integration of profiles in this region.
        electron_density{}                # integrate electron density.
        hole_density{}                    # integrate hole density.
        piezo_density{}                   # integrate piezo charge density.
        pyro_density{}                    # integrate pyro charge density.
        polarization_density{}            # integrate the polarization charges density. ( = piezo + pyro)
        label = "channel"                 # (optional) defines meaningful label for columns in output files.
                                            # If not defined, the number of the region is taken as a label.


Due to the finite descretization of the space, it is advised to define the region for integration slightly larger than the region of actual interest, especially if there is a significantly high density at the boundaries of the integration region.