classical{ output_intrinsic_density{ } }

  • \(\mathrm{\textcolor{Aquamarine}{optional}}\)

  • items: \(\mathrm{maximum\;1}\)

Output intrinsic density expressed in \(1/\mathrm{cm}^3\).

Maintained Keywords

The keywords below are available in at least one of currently published releases and are planned to be included also in the next release.

output_intrinsic_density{ boxes }

  • \(\mathrm{\textcolor{Aquamarine}{optional}}\)

  • type: \(\mathrm{choice}\)

  • choices: \(\mathrm{yes\;/\;no}\)

  • default: \(\mathrm{no}\)

For each grid point, in 1D two points are printed out to mimic abrupt discontinuities at interfaces (in 2D four points, in 3D eight points)