6.1. Overview

6.1.1. What is nextnanopy?

nextnanopy is a Python package for nextnano++, nextnano³, nextnano.NEGF and nextnano.MSB software to automate nextnano simulations and analysis of the results. You can write a Python script to:

  • run multiple simulations (multidimensional parameter sweep, many input files, etc.)

  • plot multiple figures, overlay data, save as image or PDF

  • calculate further quantities using output data

  • load polygons from a GDSII file for device geometry input

and anything else possible with the Python language. We maintain the nextnanopy Python package on GitHub as well as on the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository.

6.1.2. How do I install it?

Instructions are on our GitHub site.

Additional to the package installation, you need a valid nextnano license and a configuration file for nextnanopy, if you want to execute a nextnano product.

To easily use your settings and paths already stored in the workflow manager nextnanomat, you can export these settings into a nextnanopy config format. Documented on the following page: Generate nextnanopy Config File.

6.1.3. Where to start?

You can start with the following tutorials: Basic Tutorials. We also provide sample scripts for nextnano++, nextnano³, nextnano.NEGF and nextnano.MSB software.