Specification of input file name

This is optional (and deprecated). It is much more convenient to start the simulation using command line argument --inputfile "D:\test\Quantum Well.in". The only reason for the existence of this keyword is to start a simulation without command line arguments, e.g. for testing purposes. The name of the input file to be run can be written into the file keywords.val within the keyword $input_filename which must be the first (!) entry in this file. Apart from this modification keywords.val must not be changed.

The specification of the input filename is done as a first entry after $input_filename in the file keywords.val as follows:

$input_filename                         optional
 input-filename          character      optional
$end_input_filename                     optional

Example 1

$input_filename                    optional  !
 input_file1.in        character   optional  ! Reads in "input_file1.in".
!1D_Quantum_well.in    character   optional  ! Reads in "1D_Quantum_well.in" if the comment sign "!" is removed.
$end_input_filename                optional  !

A comment can be inserted using ! or #.

Example 1

$input_filename                                           optional  !
 "D:\My nextnano input files\input_file1.in"   character  optional  ! Reads in "input_file1.in".
$end_input_filename                                       optional  !