NEGF for spintronics: Spin transport based on the Non-equilibrium Green’s functions (NEGF) method.

This part is based on the PhD thesis of [KubisPhD2009].

This is preliminary. It is not useful for nondevelopers.

$NEGF-spintronics                               optional !
 NEGF-spintronics-on            character       required ! yes/no
 directory-NEGF-spintronics     character       optional !
 include-spin                   character       optional ! yes/no
 include-scattering             character       optional ! yes/no
 scattering-iterations          integer         optional !
 grid-points-in-energy          integer         optional ! number of grid points in energy
 minimum-energy                 double          optional ! minimum of considered energies in [eV]
 bulk-inversion-asymmetry       double          optional ! BIA [eVnm]
 structure-inversion-asymmetry  double          optional ! SIA (Rashba) [eVnm]
 magnetic-field-B-left          double_array    optional ! B_x, B_y, B_z [T]
 magnetic-field-B-right         double_array    optional ! B_x, B_y, B_z [T]
 magnetic-field-B-up            double_array    optional ! B_x, B_y, B_z [T]
 magnetic-field-B-down          double_array    optional ! B_x, B_y, B_z [T]
 Fermi-level-left               double          optional ! [eV]
 Fermi-level-right              double          optional ! [eV]
 Fermi-level-up                 double          optional ! [eV]
 Fermi-level-down               double          optional ! [eV]
 magnetic-contacts              character       optional ! yes/no
 contacts-left-and-right        character       optional ! yes/no
 calculate-contact-left         character       optional ! yes/no
 calculate-contact-right        character       optional ! yes/no
 calculate-contact-up           character       optional ! yes/no
 calculate-contact-down         character       optional ! yes/no
 calculate-transmission         character       optional ! yes/no

$end_NEGF-spintronics                           optional !